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Tonka Imperiale Guerlain Eau de Parfum

GuerlainTonka Imperiale Guerlain Eau de Parfum

Tonka Impériale, the delicacies of Guerlain between delicacies and freshness

How to imagine a perfume without its Guerlinade? How to imagine a Guerlain perfume without a tonka bean note? Thierry Wasser takes us deep into the roots of this precious seed thanks to a surprising and magnificent Tonka Impériale…

Between retro effects and gourmet heat, Tonka Impériale sublimates the material

The tonka bean has been one of Guerlain’s favorite ingredients for many decades. From the famous Jicky born in 1889 by Aimé Guerlain to the oriental Shalimar by Jacques Guerlain to Habit Rouge by Jean-Paul Guerlain or even the famous Little Black Dress by Thierry Wasser, the tonka bean is found in the creations of all generations. of Guerlain perfumers. It was therefore all in all very natural that Thierry Wasser chose to pay homage to him in one of the most beautiful bottles of the Art and Material collection: Tonka Impériale.

Tonka Impériale is certainly one of the aromas of Art and Matter that was the most applauded when it was released, as it was able to transcribe into a complex fragrance the historical use of the tonka bean. Thus Tonka Impériale cannot stop at offering gourmet and toasted scents of the precious bean, it goes further. Much further …

Tonka Impériale or the Guerlain tonka bean revealed in all its most beautiful faces

By offering this tonka bean a fresh and powerful twist of Tonka Imperial rosemary, Thierry Wasser offers us all at once a transposition of this almond and crazily greedy ingredient into an unexpected masculine universe. Tonka Impériale plays with the boundaries between male and female perfumery by daring to represent a tonka bean in an unknown light.

“Its fragrance is both perceived as“ masculine ”by its aromatic and woody facet and“ feminine ” by the roundness of tonka bean and balmy notes. Like Jicky, Tonka Impériale is contrasted, ambivalent. Sylvaine Delacourte about Tonka Impériale from Guerlain.

Tonka Impériale opens with rather surprising top notes of bergamot and rosemary mixed with an almond note. A start that aims to be a nice mix of contrasts between a typically feminine note, almond and a typically masculine aromatic fern accord. At the heart, Thierry Wasser once again plays on the contrasts between a jasmine flower with absolute femininity and a marriage of tonka bean and honeyed, smoked and very masculine tobacco.

The depths of this Imperial Tonka will not deny the ambiguity of the genre of this beautiful fragrance by exhaling powerful woody sensualities that sublimate the tonka bean in notes as feminine as they are masculine of cedar wood, pine wood and incense.


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