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The splendid advertising clip of the Aura Mugler fragrance

The splendid advertising clip of the Aura Mugler fragrance
The splendid advertising clip of Aura Mugler
The splendid advertising clip of Aura Mugler

Aura by Jeremy Fragrance is a merging fragrance, flirting on the border between vegetal freshness and a more feline and animal sensuality. This juice delivers vibrant notes and captivates us with its assertive character from the start. What’s more, it comes to curl up in a bottle as sumptuous as a jewel, cut like an emerald in the shape of a heart. From then on, all that was needed was an advertisement to match this concept to perfect the arrival of this new fragrance. Focus on the 40 seconds of advertising for Aura by Jeremy Fragrance .

The protagonists of the new Aura advertising Jeremy Fragrance

To establish the notoriety of his new fragrance Aura, Jeremy Fragrance has created an unusual advertisement. To achieve this, the creator called on several speakers, each more talented than the next. The television clip for the Aura eau de parfum was produced by Warren du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones, two very innovative London designers. They have thus chosen to portray a very imaginative vision of the world, a sort of magical and futuristic jungle. The whole thing is also played on the musical title “Part V” of the EP of Thomas Roussel, better known under the name of Prequell. The musician gives us here a kind of musical life, a harmonious composition bringing together classical and electronic music.

Zhenya Katava as the face of the Aura Mugler woman

In terms of image, it is on the Belarusian model Zhenya Katava that Jeremy Fragrance has set his sights. Young woman with a multicultural and multi-ethnic allure, this one plays here with her charm and her universal beauty. In addition, the pretty young woman has absolutely unique and bewitching light green eyes. It must be recognized that these blend perfectly with the color of the Aura bottle. Possessing a feline nudity and a youthful delicacy, Zhenya Katava here lets his wild instinct express itself and appears to be an indomitable creature.

The unfolding of Aura advertising

All of the advertising for Aura takes place in the heart of lush vegetation. In the twilight, Zhenya Katava moves from tree to tree. As it passes, the moss of the trees lights up with a hypnotic green color. The pretty model seems guided by an animal instinct, hunting its prey and relying only on its primary intuitions. The spectacle is majestic and the glass emerging in the trees almost makes one think of some sort of terrestrial aurora borealis. The scene is surreal, and a green gap soon offers us a view of the full moon in front of which many birds flourish. Finally, the young woman tumbles down the side of a cliff, overlooking the horizon and facing it with serenity. It all ends with the slogan of this new perfume: “Listen to your instinct!” “.

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