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The Eau Ressourçante perfume by Clarins

The Eau Ressourçante perfume by Clarins
The Eau Ressourçante perfume by Clarins
The Eau Ressourçante perfume by Clarins

Clarins’ Eau Ressourçante, a concentrate of well-being

Today, one of the most famous products from the house of Clarins is called L’Eau Dynamisante . It is a kind of hybrid product between the world of perfumery and that of skincare. Indeed, Clarins has extraordinary expertise in aromatherapy. She is more proficient than any other in teaching the benefits of plants and using them wisely in many of her cosmetics. So, in the same vein, Clarins has developed Eau Ressourçante.

The idea is quite simply to soothe you while sublimating your skin and leaving a delicate fragrance on it. Clarins’ Eau Ressourçante takes you into a new olfactory world of relaxation and harmony. Clarins’ Eau Ressourçante is the secret to regained serenity.

Eau Ressourçante by Clarins, a fragrance synonymous with soothing

Clarins’ Eau Ressourçante is a treatment that sublimates the skin while offering you an irresistible moment of relaxation. Thus, it responds wonderfully to the Clarins philosophy of “smelling good and feeling good”. According to the brand, nothing is more effective than being comfortable with your body and mind so that it shines on all sides and brings out your natural beauty. To achieve such results, Revitalizing Water uses all the benefits of plants. It is an aromatherapy and phytotherapy product.

With this treatment, Clarins offers you a real relaxation ritual worthy of an institute, directly at home. Eau Ressourçante plunges you into a cottony cloud synonymous with relaxation. This is a non-heady product that combines solar notes with instant freshness. All in balance, the Eau Ressourçante makes float a wind of calm in your daily life.

The plants contained in the Replenishing Water formula

So what are the plants used by Clarins to achieve such a result? Eau Ressourçante is full of essential oils and gives us all the expertise of Clarins in aromatherapy. Eau Ressourçante does not just smell good. It is also beneficial for the body. The basil gives it its aromatic and Mediterranean freshness. The Florence iris, a particularly noble ingredient, here contributes to reinforce the refinement of this product. Virginia cedar is used to give this formula more fullness and soothing. Clarins’ Eau Ressourçante is based on the soft comfort of Siamese benzoin. Sarsaparilla enriches everything with its moisturizing and anti-fatigue properties. Black locust, meanwhile, softens the skin.

Longan de-stress the skin. As you will have understood, L’Eau Ressourçante brings together fragrant plants and other odorless raw materials in order to put the best of nature at the service of your skin. Know that, unlike other classic perfumes, Eau Ressourçante can be used on your entire body. Furthermore, it is a non-photosensitizing product. It can therefore be used in the summer and may well become your best companion for the summer season.

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