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Shalimar Eau de Parfum Souffle de Parfum Edition Paon Guerlain

FloralShalimar Eau de Parfum Souffle de Parfum Edition Paon Guerlain

Shalimar Souffle de Parfum, a Limited Edition dedicated to the peacock

To make this iconic juice, born in 1925, Jacques Guerlain was inspired by the mad love between Maharajah Shah Jahan and his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Moreover, it is precisely from this idyll that the iconic Taj Mahal was born. Shalimar then quickly became an essential perfume , crossing the decades to reach us with elegance. In 2014, Guerlain nevertheless decided to reinterpret it in a version called Shalimar Souffle de Parfum. However, this time it is a Limited Edition of this juice that the Guerlain house offers us.

Shalimar Souffle de Parfum, a Limited Edition dedicated to the peacock

Shalimar Souffle de Parfum is revealed this time in a very graphic and artistic Limited Edition. Its emblematic bottle is enhanced with a bluish decoration revealing the beauty of a peacock. Indeed, this animal contributes to drag us once again into the Indian atmosphere. For the record, the peacock is a sacred bird in India. It is omnipresent in Hindu art and, given the richness of its heritage in the religious world, it was even crowned “national bird of India, in 1963. The peacock is a symbol of immortality and of fertility. Many deities have been associated with it and Indian mythology even tells that Budha would be reincarnated as a peacock. This animal is a symbol of royalty, as evidenced by the Peacock Throne, made by Maharajah Shah Jahan. So,

The fresh and luminous fragrance of Shalimar Souffle de Parfum

So what does the sublime Shalimar Souffle de Parfum Limited Edition bottle contain? Like every Guerlain product, its fragrance was created by the brand official nose, Thierry Wasser. Its scent takes off on fresh, sparkling and citrus notes of bergamot, lemon and tangerine. Then, this incisive and invigorating start gives way to a more floral heart. This contains one of India’s most sacred flowers: sambac jasmine. This is associated with the solar luminosity of the orange blossom. Moreover, in order to sublimate it and give it a honeyed effect, Thierry Wasser has subjected it to a very special distillation. This only increases the floral power of this fragrance. Finally, the vanilla takes over and coats it all in a sensual and suave aura. White musks finish wrapping this juice, making it more addicting than ever. Shalimar Souffle de Parfum Limited Edition has thus managed to retain all the elegance of its predecessors while imposing more modernity on them. The result is a timeless fragrance, and only delivered in a 50ml version.


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