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Repetto Eau Florale: A shower of flowers for a graceful woman

Repetto Eau Florale: A shower of flowers for a graceful woman
Repetto Eau Florale: A shower of flowers for a graceful woman
Repetto Eau Florale: A shower of flowers for a graceful woman

The Repetto house opened the large fragrant book of the marvelous stories of the Opera Garnier dancer with its Eau de Toilette in 2013. After discovering the artist in her daily life, then full of emotions before her entry on the stage, she is discovers this time after his performance, covered with a shower of roses and at the height of its plenitude. Tulles and petals merge in this twirling and joyful Repetto Eau Florale …

Repetto Eau Florale or the dancer and her flights of roses and tulles

Repetto, specializing in made-to-measure dance shoes since 1947, started in perfumery with the pretty Repetto Eau de Toilette in 2013 . Of course, the universe of Repetto perfumes is filled with the grace and femininity of the woman dancer, just like that of the everyday woman who dances with her life… What better story then to tell us than that of the so magnificent principal dancer Dorothée Gilbert? A woman of daring who conquers her star with no other attribute than her natural grace, a woman of heart and a smile who lives her emotions through our eyes, dazzled by her prowess.

This time, the gentle muse of Repetto Eau Florale is filmed in what she has most intimate, this moment both awaited and suspended when the curtain has closed and the flowers of conquered hearts are thrown at her by way of of homage.

Repetto Eau Florale represents the woman dancer as a fulfilled woman and above all fulfilled by the happiness she experienced on stage and that she was able to transmit to her audience. She gave and received so much love! Repetto Eau Florale engraves this moment of fullness in a joyful, radiant and smiling juice.

Floral and delicately fruity Eau Florale de Repetto exudes femininity

The pretty rounded pebble of Repetto is once again found in this third Repetto Eau florale opus, this time dressed in a bright pink and very feminine in harmony with the floral notes that it wants to exhale. We of course find the elegant satin ribbon that surrounds the neck of the bottle to remind us of the dancer’s thin ankle surrounded by her slipper clip.

The pretty Repetto Eau Florale composed by Juliette Karagueuzoglou and Nicolas Beaulieu opens with the now signature note of the Repetto range, the plum note, which is accompanied by a tonic and fresh grapefruit to better spread its bright and sparkling light on the perfume. Then in the heart the charming and delicate rosebuds go to be lulled by the aerial fantasies of the violet to better explode the flowers in the heart, and in the heart of the radiant woman. Finally, the woody and nervous power of Virginia cedar mingles with the sensual animality of ambergris to create a warm trail of this beautiful floral Repetto Eau Florale.

“A third act that unfolds on the skin like a quiver of tulle, light and delicate. A concentrate of joie de vivre, daring and radiant: L’Eau Florale de Repetto. »Repetto for Eau Florale.

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