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Patchouli Ardent de Guerlain, the incandescent woody flavor

Patchouli Ardent de Guerlain, the incandescent woody flavor
Patchouli Ardent de Guerlain, the incandescent woody flavor
Patchouli Ardent de Guerlain, the incandescent woody flavor

Patchouli Ardent by Guerlain, when a woody ingredient suddenly becomes brighter

The Guerlain house has seen several generations of talented perfumers succeed one another, each of whom had their own trademark. On the other hand, all of them have in common an exceptional passion for travel. All over the world, Guerlains set out to conquer the finest raw materials, to unearth unexpected smells and create exceptional fragrances. Their favorite field? The eastern part of the planet! It is therefore precisely to pay homage to him that the Absolus d’Orient collection was designed. Today, this assortment is enriched with a new fragrance called Patchouli Ardent.

Guerlain’s Absolus d’Orient collection

Patchouli Ardent is a perfume that completes the Absolus d’Orient collection. However, each of the juices in this assortment pays tribute to exotic raw materials in perfumery. Patchouli Ardent is therefore no exception to tradition. Like its predecessors, it stands out for its daring. A simple breath of this juice gives us an instant escape. Here, you will understand, everything revolves around patchouli. To extract the best from this ingredient, and like the other Absolutes of the East, Patchouli Ardent has benefited from a long maceration, which allows the patchouli to retain all its purity. As you will have understood, Patchouli Ardent is an infinitely luxurious fragrance, which in itself symbolizes all the refinement and historical know-how of the Guerlain house.

The woody and luminous breath of Patchouli Ardent from Guerlain

Usually, patchouli is a woody material that is rather mysterious, dark and racy. However, here, Guerlain reworks this element in a surprising way. Patchouli becomes more vibrant and luminous. For this, it combines with the natural elegance of rose as well as the leathery sensuality of musk. Imagined by perfumer Thierry Wasser, this fragrance is as woody as it is exotic and refined. Patchouli Ardent is an infinitely sensual juice, which transcends the natural charm of both men and women, while taking us to the border between East and West. Patchouli Ardent promises us a totally exceptional sensory journey.

Guerlain’s iconic bottle is tinted with blue

Patchouli Ardent is presented in a common bottle for the entire collection of Absolus d’Orient. Cylindrical in shape and surmounted by a dome, this bottle is reminiscent of Guerlain’s iconic Bee Flask, designed for Empress Eugenie. This time, it is tinted with a captivating blue color, from which stands out a golden label drawing arabesques. Tied at the level of its collar by a blue ribbon, this secret elixir is infinitely precious. A small golden ball also comes to overhang the whole and give it more light, thus echoing all the radiance contained in this bottle.

Patchouli Ardent is the 2020 fragrance from Absolus d’Orient. It thus joins the previous Mysterious Woods, Mythical Incense and Intense Leather of 2019.

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