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Lanvin – Flower Burst

Lanvin - Flower Burst
Lanvin Blooms Eau de Parfum
Lanvin Blooms Eau de Parfum

It is after more than 30 years of career and success in the world of fashion that Jeanne Lanvin, always in search of creativity and innovations, decided to launch her first perfume. It was born in 1927 and bore the name of Arpège. Since that date, we have not counted the number of successes from the famous Lanvin house. Each of the perfumes from this great brand perfectly symbolizes a refined, elegant and glamorous image. Also, it is exactly in this continuity that its very last juice called Eclat de Fleurs is anchored. This is a concentrate of gaiety and good humor. It is very feminine and simply encourages people to see life in pink.

Eclat de Fleurs, a happiness that shines on all sides

By creating the Eclat de Fleurs perfume, Lanvin wanted to convey an image of gaiety and joie de vivre. Also, before we dwell on the scent of this new perfume, it is clear that this feeling is reflected even in its bottle. This adopts the famous ball shape dear to the Lanvin house. The tender pink color of its juice is very feminine and particularly sparkling. In addition, this case actually forms a Marguerite. Beyond the flower, it is also the name of the darling daughter of Jeanne Lanvin. In this sense, Éclat de Fleurs becomes a kind of tribute.. The whole is then surmounted by a very contemporary metallic gray cabochon. Likewise, it is embellished with a pink diamond placed at its top and covering the alliance with two white gold rings. The rendering is particularly poetic. In addition, this feeling is also reflected in the advertising campaign for this fragrance. This gives us an idyllic setting in which three young girls merge, swinging happily on swings, all smiles and their hair blowing in the wind. This advertising campaign is full of pep’s and vitality. She thus makes spring tunes resonate before the hour.

The very feminine scent imagined by Lanvin

Eclat de Fleurs is a multifaceted fragrance bursting with elegance and spontaneity. This one draws its elegance in the heart of flowers and its liveliness in the fruits. It was imagined by a duo of perfumers, namely Anne Flipo and Nicolas Beaulieu. Both then chose to start its scent with a very greedy scent of pear. This is then coupled with the sweet aspect of a sun-kissed and particularly juicy nectarine. Likewise, violet flowers further enhance the elegance of the whole with their powdery scent. Then, Eclat de Fleurs evolves towards a particularly feminine heart. This combines the luminosity of freesia with the glamor of rose as well as the lightness of sambac jasmine. Finally, it all ends with the enveloping alliance of white musks and sandalwood. The result is particularly creamy, almost as soft as a caress. Eclat de Fleurs is an extremely feminine fragrance, fully anchored in the lineage of the greatest essences of the Lanvin house.

New Lanvin creation that evokes summer, the wake of flowers during a sunny stroll

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Fragrance – Flower Burst

A multifaceted Eau de Perfume, full of freshness and lightness, a luminous fragrance where the elegant notes of flowers and the energy of the notes of fruit mingle and mingle in a divinely elegant composition. Creation of the duo of perfumers Anne Flipo and Nicolas Beaulieu. The fragrance opens with juicy notes of pear, airy and fresh. The heart of the perfume is a bouquet of luminous flowers carried by the trail of Jasmine Sambac. The base of the perfume is intensely soft and enveloping, we find notes of white musk associated with sandalwood.

Bottle – Flower Burst

Visual Communication Lanvin Eclat de Fleurs
Visual Communication Lanvin Eclat de Fleurs

The bottle takes the original shape of the ball, but here it is sculpted in the shape of flowers, we can distinguish the shape of the petals in the soft curves of the transparent glass. The bottle leaves the crystalline pink of the perfume transparent in its center; the name is written in silver letters. The cover echoes that of Éclat d’Arpége, this time it is surmounted by a pink diamond under which two white gold rings are intertwined, symbol of union and love. The Éclat de Fleurs bottle is presented in the emblematic plexiglass case of the Éclat d’Arpège range, for this new fragrance it is adorned with a soft pink.

Advertising – Flower Burst

The communication around this new perfume features a trio of young women on a sunny afternoon exchanging bursts of laughter while rocking on swings with hair in the wind in the shade of trees in the middle of a garden of wild grass and flowers, savoring the present moment and happy to share it together.

Discover the Lanvin Éclat de Fleurs advertising spot .

Olfactory Family: Fruity – Floral – Woody
Head Note: Pear
Heart Note: Floral Bouquet based on Jasmine Sambac Base
Notes: White Musk, Sandalwood

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