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Idylle Guerlain Eau de Parfum

ChypréeIdylle Guerlain Eau de Parfum

Idyll: The scent of love

Idylle, like a love potion arranged in a drop of gold, is inseparable from the famous Guerlain scented creations inspired by the greatest love stories. Yet Idylle innovates by positioning itself much more on its floral and musky architecture than on the usual straightforward Guerlinade. A sign of Guerlain’s renewal, Idylle is bringing the historic perfumer to the era of 2.0 advertising, and it works!

When Guerlain enters the era of digital communication for a Divine Idyll

In 2008, the Guerlain house witnessed a major upheaval: the arrival of a young nose who is no longer a “Guerlain”, the creation of a new perfume Idylle sans Guerlinade and communication campaigns that ‘spread on the net even more than elsewhere.

A sign of the new times and of a house that has always been able to adapt perfectly to its time, Idylle’s advertising is not only television or photographic, it is also computerized. It must be said that the magnificent and seductive muse of Idylle, Nora Arnezeder, poses with all her fresh and daring beauty in an advertisement both sober and totally intoxicating where all eyes are found around the loving expressions of the so pretty young woman. The visual, just as worked, comes alive with the beauty of the design of the drop of gold Idylle highlighted by the splendid face of its muse.

Obviously, Idylle’s advertising campaign deserved wide distribution. In addition to the site created by Guerlain exclusively dedicated to Idylle, spots and visuals invade all the most famous Internet pages, even appearing on the famous Deezer to offer an Idylle playlist … With Idylle, Guerlain entered fully into the era of communication 2.0 .

Idyll or the end of the Guerlinade in favor of a beautiful flowery chypre

The gold drop design by Ora Ito d’Idylle is beautiful and original, although it reminded some of the bottle of Secret Obsession. Proof of this is that the Idylle bottle has been designed as a unique work of art that wants to represent “a tear of female joy and happiness, a drop of love, a drop of gold.” “.

Idylle is of course also the very first perfume designed by Thierry Wasser at the head of Guerlain, no longer as a collaborator. And we can say that if some blame him for his absence from Guerlinade, others are very satisfied with this change, which, in the end, is not. “Because of my experience, today there are raw materials that I particularly like. They all come from the Guerlinade: Guerlain’s olfactory signature (tonka bean, iris, jasmine, rose, bergamot and vanilla), but they are used more or less in my creations. “1 explains Thierry Wasser. The guerlinade is therefore a constant inspiration but not an end in itself, it is said.

Besides , Idylle will highlight all the sublime potentials of these varied influences. The top notes of fresh and fragrant bergamots prepare us for the rain of flowers from the heart. Then the Bulgarian roses so dear to Guerlain spread their intense fruity facets with joy with delicate jasmine as well as notes of freesia, lily of the valley, peony and white lilac. Finally, to better frame this “idyllic” floral cocktail, white and cottony musky depths will be adorned with the sensual movement of patchouli.

Times change and Guerlain evolves and transforms itself through collaborations. With Idylle in 2009, the venerable perfumery offers a younger audience the splendor of its know-how while freeing itself from its past to better fit in with the present. There is no betrayal of historical values, however, the pretty Idylle is also the worthy heir to the great perfumed names of the house.

“By associating the sensuality of chypre and the intimate facet of white musks with a bouquet of flowers, symbol of the declaration of love, he [Thierry Wasser] manages to express the romantic and carnal idea of ​​idyll. »Guerlain, Idylle.

For the first time since its august beginnings in perfumery, the Guerlain house will choose in 2008 a nose that will not be a Guerlain, but rather a great creative talent named Thierry Wasser. Barely arrived at the heart of the venerable house, he composed his first scented creation which will be called Idylle. The divine Idylle will take us to the scents of joyful roses and a creamy and enveloping patchouli to perfection.

Idylle or the very first perfume by Thierry Wasser for Guerlain

The Guerlain house has always offered us roses and laughing flowers, sometimes radiant, but always elegant and sometimes even sophisticated. Of course, these flowery perfumes were accompanied by the no less famous “Guerlinade” composed of woody and intense depths and since after the Undée has become the trademark of Guerlain perfumes.

When Guerlain decided to break with the tradition of the family heritage of the perfumery’s appointed nose post, he called on a creative and modern perfumer who came to breathe new life into the house’s venerable fragrances. Thierry Wasser will come to shake up the codes of Guerlain while reusing the ancestral patterns of compositions and his very first creation, Idylle, will quickly set the tone for what will be the era of Guerlain perfumes under Thierry Wasser.

Idylle, although very innovative, is above all the scent of limitless amorous happiness, the joyful scent of her encounters which change her life or which mark her forever…

“Thierry Wasser confides that at the time of the creation of Idylle, he was very in love and very happy and he wanted to shout his happiness and tell a light, cheerful and happy story. »

Idylle or the praise of a modern and joyful chypre rose in a perfume

Idylle would therefore be the perfumer’s delicate compromise between traditional Guerlain floral scents and allusive gourmet or sensual modernities .

Thus Thierry Wasser has chosen for Idylle raw materials that are as rare as they are delicate while being faithful to the Guerlain tradition of prestige. With, for example, Bulgarian roses in the top notes which, according to the Guerlain house, are “hand-picked in the Bulgarian valleys at sunrise”. Of course, the floral bouquet of the heart is also very faithful to Guerlain traditions but these flowery notes awaited the creativity of the perfumer to explode.

The top notes of Idylle are much fresher than at the habit but above all they are associated with a fruity rose enhanced in its delicacies by lychees and raspberries. Finally, the depths are much more associated with chypres chords than with the traditional Guerlinade, a first and a beautiful daring besides! The roundness of the powerful and very present patchouli of Idylle is coiled in velvets of white musks, also completely new at Guerlain. These modern and enveloping depths obviously highlight the roundness of this luminous and flowery perfume exhaling the traditional generosity of all the great Guerlain perfumes finally.

“I took over from Jean-Paul Guerlain on June 2, 2008. On June 3, I started working on Idylle, which was launched in 2009. I made this bouquet that today with six years of hindsight compared to its date of creation I qualify as a little naive. But Idylle is dear to my heart because of this kind of naivety. “Le Temps, Thierry Wasser for Idylle de Guerlain.

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