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Habit Rouge Guerlain Eau de Toilette

GuerlainHabit Rouge Guerlain Eau de Toilette

Habit Rouge: A strong man in contact with nature

“Habit Rouge” or the passionate story between Man and Horse

In 1965, the fragrance trend was rather smooth and sorely lacking in stylistic roughness and depth. “Habit Rouge” by Guerlain will then offer an unprecedented universe around the relationship both sober and complex between Man and Animal, between Man and Nature, without forgetting that the Guerlain man imperceptibly remains a elegant gentleman.

“Habit Rouge embodies a dandy man capable of all daring who combines sophistication and refinement. He leads his life with ardor and is distinguished by a trail of extreme sensuality. »Guerlain. Thus all visuals and advertising campaigns around “Habit Rouge” will be designed around the carnal harmony between the rider and his horse, a great passion for Jean-Paul Guerlain, the creator of this oriental and powerful fragrance.

Inspired by a morning horseback ride in the Rambouillet forest, Guerlain will then offer a voluptuous and spicy “Habit Rouge”, deliciously modern while being totally in keeping with the traditional and historical values ​​of its house. However, whatever the variations of “Habit Rouge” or the eras, the link between man and animal will always be represented in its finest form, even in the last campaign of 2010 to dress it in an elegant. costume rather than the traditional red dress of a distinguished rider until now logically used for “Habit Rouge”.

“Shalimar” and “Habit Rouge” the two precursors of the oriental fragrance

Between modernity and traditions, Guerlain has never chosen and each of the wonderful house’s fragrances strives to be the delicate link between Guerlain’s historical past and the necessary avant-garde scent notes brought by the great creators of perfumery. .

Thus Jean-Paul Guerlain will use to wear his “Habit Rouge” with sobriety, a refined and elegant bottle where the amber juice, the metallic cap and the red label will be the colorful and modern markers of clean and tastefully designed shapes. As for the fragrance of “Habit rouge”, it will also be marked by this striking contrast between the olfactory traditions of the Guerlinade and irresistible and powerful scents of leather and powdery, spicy, vanilla and rose-flowered sweets unheard of in men’s perfumery.

In top notes, “Habit Rouge” will offer citrus and slightly bitter freshness of bitter orange and lime, married with delight to the power of lavender and the exotic and flowery originality of neroli. A floral touch at the top that will resonate with the deep heart of jasmine and rose, luxurious and precious raw materials rare in men’s perfumery. Finally, the trail created around the famous Guerlinade touches of vanilla, patchouli and tonka bean will be overdosed in vanilla notes while being married to pretty woody notes of birch and cedar, to powerful animal notes of ambergris and labdanum. as well as delicate spices of cinnamon and cloves. An explosive final cocktail of precious materials sensually wrapped in a beautiful patchouli.

“Habit Rouge” is a sensual and carnal fragrance, an ode to racy and tender masculinity… “Modern in its geometry, rigorous in its forms , Habit Rouge is a timeless figure of French elegance. »Guerlain.

Released in 1965, “ Habit Rouge ”is considered the first oriental fragrance for men. As such, it symbolizes the masculine side of “Shalimar”, the first oriental feminine fragrance. The story of “Habit Rouge” has its origins in the forest of Rambouillet. While walking there, Jean-Paul Guerlain put a rider in a red coat, and was then impressed by the smell he gave off. At once earthy, leathery, autumnal and sensual, this smell seemed to him to be that of a perfume, which he would then reproduce identically. The name of the perfume naturally echoes the red clothes worn by riders during the short hunt, thus recalling Jean-Paul Guerlain’s passion for horses.

Habit Rouge, a very successful perfume signed Jean-Paul Guerlain

Since its creation in 1828, Guerlain know-how has been passed down from generation to generation. Jean-Paul Guerlain was born in Paris in 1937 and is considered the third generation of Guerlain perfumers. He then has a whole legacy to honor and perpetuate. Jean-Paul Guerlain possessed exceptional olfactory qualities as he was able to recognize 3000 different olfactory nuances. His fragrances were made up of 80% natural materials, because he preferred them to synthetic materials. Jean-Paul Guerlain has produced no less than 43 perfumes, and we owe him the most beautiful fragrances of the brand such as “Jardins de Bagatelle, Samsara, Champs-Élysées”. In 1994, Jean-Paul Guerlain sold his fashion house to the LVMH group, but he remained CEO until 2002.

Habit Rouge by Guerlain, racy olfactory notes

“Habit Rouge ”is considered to be an oriental perfume blending notes of leather and tobacco. “Habit Rouge” takes off on the fresh and citrus notes of mandarin, lemon and bergamot. The beginning of the composition echoes the love of the house of Guerlain for men’s Eau de Cologne. The heart of “Habit Rouge” is complex because it is both warm and sensual and has a strong character. Indeed, it combines carnation, patchouli with cinnamon and cedarwood. Cinnamon is a spice that comes to us from Sri Lanka. Of all the spices, you should know that cinnamon is the oldest, it is mentioned several times in the Bible under the name of “Kinanom”. In perfumery, cinnamon gives off an intoxicating and refined scent. It offers spicy tones, but also fruity and woody. The base of “Habit Rouge” is oriental, virile and ultra sensual, because it associates a leathery accord, a tobacco accord with vanilla, amber and benzoin. The clean, square bottle offers the ultimate touch of elegance and masculinity.

“ Habit Rouge ”is one of the greatest hits of the Guerlain house. At the helm, Jean-Paul Guerlain, who then ensures the third generation of perfumers in his family. Oriental masculine fragrance, “Habit Rouge” offers a racy composition, both leathery and sensual … A great masterpiece. < / p>


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