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Guerlain Neroli Outrenoir Eau de Parfum

CitrusGuerlain Neroli Outrenoir Eau de Parfum

Néroli Outrenoir, the dark Guerlain fragrance

Leather beluga, Rose Barbare and Angélique Noire thus opened with beauty the ball of these rare and precious scents, built around a flagship material. Néroli Outrenoir offers in 2016 to immerse us in the delights of orange blossom, favorite ingredient of its creator Thierry Wasser. But the trip may be even more unexpected than expected …

Thierry Wasser’s “Noir-Lumière” for Guerlain: Néroli Outrenoir

Guerlain‘s official perfumer since 2005, Thierry Wasser proposed in 2016 to expand the beautiful range of the Art and Material collection by enhancing his favorite scented ingredient, orange blossom.

The perfumer may compose beautiful fragrances such as the iconic La Petite Robe Noire for Guerlain, but he is nonetheless forced to limit his creativity to obvious commercial needs. Cost constraints which fortunately will not apply to the Art and Material collection; thus each creator can give free rein to his fertile imagination.

Thus, with regard to Néroli Outrenoir, Thierry Wasser wished to highlight neroli in all its facets, from its deep luminosity to its more mysterious voluptuous accords, using the most beautiful raw materials at its disposal. As a result, Néroli Outrenoir amazes with its clear and obscure accords any woman seeking to approach them. Jewel of creativity, Néroli Outrenoir shows us much more than the facets of orange blossom, the many faces of Thierry Wasser’s creativity!

“[…] If he attaches himself to obvious elegance, to unexplained grace, without premeditation , Thierry Wasser thrives in the opposite, the wink, the pirouette, a score that he plays wonderfully. »Guerlain on Néroli Outrenoir.

Néroli Outrenoir Guerlain or the neroli flower and its” dark “lights …

Like the other bottles in the precious Guerlain L’Art et la Matière collection, Néroli Outrenoir presents itself as an old book with a golden “binding” in the form of a plaque. This pretty bottle will be curled up in a beautiful leather case of supreme luxury.

Néroli Outrenoir first opens with a citrus cocktail to bring out the light. Composed of the most beautiful notes of grapefruit, lemon, mandarin and bergamot, the buds fly to release the orange blossom and the neroli of the heart embellished with a spicy green note. However, in this same heart, the sun of the sweet flowers will come to tint the velvety darkness of a smoked tea. A dark note that takes us to the nocturnal depths of Néroli Outrenoir. Myrrh and ambroxide will play with their mysterious forces where benzoin and solar notes will once again make us glimpse the warmth of orange blossom.

“Beautifully balanced, with a very good evolution, Néroli Outrenoir seems to reconnect with the true Guerlain tradition of not only making vanilla-amber notes, but quite simply, perfume. »Olfactorum about Néroli Outrenoir, Guerlain.

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