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Y For Men Eau de Parfum Yves Saint Laurent Eau de Parfum

Y For Men Eau de Parfum Yves Saint Laurent Eau de Parfum is a 2018 Aromatic Fougere Perfume by Yves Saint Laurent for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Dominique Ropion . Top notes are Apple, Bergamot. Middle notes are Geranium, Clary sage. Base notes are Wood, Tonka bean.


The Eau de Parfum Y version for men

From Pour Homme in 1971 via Kouros, Jazz, Cinema without forgetting the recent L’Homme and La Nuit de l’Homme, Yves Saint Laurent masculine perfumes are for virile men and sufficiently sure of themselves to carry scents full of feather. Y Eau de Toilette released in 2017 and Y Eau de Parfum will be composed in the same line as their predecessors.

Y Eau de Parfum and its new rock ambassador Adam Levine, leader of Maroon 5

With Y, the Yves Saint-Laurent house explored a new masculinity intended to offer men of Generation Y between the ages of 20 and 40 a fragrance that would correspond to their desires as well as their desires. The men of this generation can finally allow themselves to dare to expose their personality to the many faces between strength and delicacy, moreover to represent Y Yves Saint Laurent had first made the choice of 3 very different ambassadors.

However , man Y will discover himself in 2018 in the guise of singer Adam Levine who between manly strength, spontaneous charisma and elegance draws better than anyone else in 2018. Moreover, he declared: “I have no difficulty in m ‘associate with the passion and the powerful sense of individuality that emanates from the Yves Saint Laurent house, but above all, I think this story fits perfectly with today’s creative generation. ”Adam Levine for Y Eau de Parfum.
Thus the singer recognized worldwide by his group Maroon 5 will embody his own character for Y Eau de Parfum by making us experience the moments of intense emotions that he experiences with his audience.

The strength of chiaroscuro contrasts for an explosive Y Eau de Parfum < / h2>

If the composition for Y Eau de Toilette had already been established by Dominique Ropion so that the contrasts between icy freshness of aromatic citrus notes collide with the intense heat of amber woods and ambergris, Y Eau de Parfum will go even further in the clash of opposites.
Y Eau de Parfum opens with a totally modernized fern accord that gives pride of place to a dazzling sage and a note of geranium absolute as scathing as sophisticated, as icy as it is dynamic. The strength of sensual woods magnified by animal notes is multiplied for this Y Eau de Parfum to create a chiaroscuro as seductive as it is surprising.

As for the bottle of Y Eau de Parfum, it does not seek to stand out from its handsome elder by its shape which still remains square and very manly while being modernized by the steel plate that bears the name of the house. But its bluish color while shading black is intense for this Eau de Parfum in order to highlight its intensity but also a certain idea of ​​elegance.

Y For Men Water of Perfume, a chiaroscuro game signed Yves Saint-Laurent

The Yves Saint-Laurent house is today just as famous for its very refined male wardrobe as for its fragrances. Thus, Yves Saint-Laurent now offers men a complete style, synonymous with luxury and elegance. In 2017, the brand distinguished itself by addressing the new generation of men today, by creating its Eau de Toilette Y For Men. This time, this juice is transformed and becomes Y For Men Eau de Parfum. Presented in a smoky black bottle, it immediately exudes a feeling of elegance, more nocturnal and charismatic than before. So, let’s see if this is also true on the olfactory level …

Y For Men Eau de Parfum, an essence belonging to the fern family

Y For Men Eau de Parfum is a juice that fits fully into the world of men’s perfumery, also belonging to one of the most famous olfactory families of the masculine gender: that of ferns . Beyond designating a plant, the fern brings together all the fragrances built around a single scheme: a head containing lavender, a more floral heart of geranium and a background of oak moss and coumarin. If this olfactory category appeals to men so much, it is quite simply because it is reminiscent of hygiene products, and in particular the scent of shaving foam. Thus, the fern family has been anchored in them for a long time! Nevertheless, the fern can be worked in different ways and be associated with many other fragrant facets. Many perfumers have fun and take inspiration from it. This is the case with the Yves Saint-Laurent brand for Y For Men Eau de Parfum.

Y For Men Eau de Parfum, a very contrasting scent

This time, Yves Saint-Laurent’s fern relies on a game of chiaroscuro. Y For Men Eau de Parfum is an essence loaded with countless contrasts, which only amplifies its radiance. According to its creator, “the fragrance is fresh, solar and dynamic, like a scent of freedom. It is modern, intense and electric like an expression of power ”. Y For Men Eau de Parfum launches a fruity scent of apple associated with bergamot. This start has a sweet and luminous bitterness at the same time. Y For Men Eau de Parfum is a composition loaded with vitality, which encourages men to surpass themselves day after day. Then, the famous geranium, emblematic of the ferns, takes its place in its heart, while being accompanied by a more aromatic flavor of sage. All the masculinity of Y For Men Eau de Parfum then reappears at its base. This becomes more woody. Finally, this juice ends with a smooth tenderness of tonka bean. Y For Men Eau de Parfum is like a virile man hiding a tender heart behind his imposing stature.

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