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Voix Humaine 8 Extrait de Parfum

Voix Humaine 8 Extrait de Parfum is a fragrance by Filippo Sorcinelli – SAUF. The notes of this fragrance are Bergamot, cardamom, elemi, ambrette, jasmine, orange blossom, amber, leather, olibanum, milk mousse, musk, vanilla


Voix Humaine 8 is inspired by Vox Humana, a type of reed stop on the organ designed to impressionistically imitate the human voice. When pressed, this stop has the tone of a soprano hitting a high note, a sound that seems to linger in the air long after the other notes fade. Accordingly, Voix Humaine 8 takes dry, peppery incense and infuses it with a cool, white floral milk, giving it the sweet edge of a singed marshmallow. Musky ambrette seed and a mousseline accord lend the texture a cashmere softness that tempers the dark incense. If you take your incense with a dash of cream and sugar, then make this a priority.

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