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United Arab Emirates Aoud Extrait de Parfum

United Arab Emirates Aoud Extrait de Parfum is a fragrance by Roja Parfums. The notes of this fragrance are Artemisia, bergamot, black currant, cloves, geranium, jasmine, rose, taif rose, ylang-ylang, agarwood, benzoin, labdanum, civet, guaiac wood, incense, musk, oakmoss, patchouli, pink pepper


United Arab Emirates Spirit Of The Union, or UAE Aoud for short, is Roja Dove’s love letter to the people of the Middle East who joyfully douse themselves in the richest and most luxurious of fragrances. For a sensualist such as Roja Dove, these are his spirit animals ? men unafraid to wear the richest and creamiest of rose fragrances, and women who proudly wore the most animalic of ouds.
UAE Aoud pays tribute to this taste for exuberance and luxury by loading up on the most sumptuous raw materials in the world ? the costliest Taifi rose ottos, the smokiest, most refined Laotian oud, and the finest floral absolutes and concretes available this side of Grasse. Supported by a creamy mélange of white and yellow flowers such as jasmine, gardenia, and ylang, a bright, pure Taifi rose sings out, clearly the top-billing soprano.
The leathery, animalic oud note is sharpened by an undercurrent of civet, but buried deep enough in a cloud of benzoin and spices to soften its impact. The roses, white flowers, and creamy civet come together over a dense, smoky layer of resins, woods, and oud, creating a shimmering, sensual halo of a scent.

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