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Una Tira l’Altra Eau de Parfum

Una Tira l’Altra Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Hilde Soliani. The notes of this fragrance are Cherry

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Summertime in Italy means long, languid days of relaxation and banter, lounging in sunshine and watching the world go by. There’s wine, of course (always wine), but on the hottest days, real Italians rich for the Luxardo, a rich cherry liqueur with mouthwatering flavour and a surprising bite. Una Tira l’Altra is single-minded in its recreation of this liqueur, resulting in a fragrance that, while straightforward, conceals endless complexity of fruit-drenched flavour. These cherries are sweet and syrupy, juicy and fruity, tart and boozy, revealing different aspects in unexpected combinations as it casually stretches itself off the skin. For a particularly indulgent treat, you can even do as the Italians would and pour it over creamy gelato- or in this case, layer it atop Soliani’s mouthwatering Crema di Latte. Our new holy grail cherry is here, and we’re positively intoxicated.

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