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Tabac Vert Eau de Toilette

Tabac Vert Eau de Toilette is a fragrance by Rogue Perfumery. The notes of this fragrance are tobacco, carnation, oakmoss, sandalwood, amber, pepper, bergamot, rose, jasmine


Tabac Vert is a gentle tobacco breeze blowing in from the past, when tobacco-focused fragrance compositions were not sweetened with vanilla or tonka bean. With references to vintage Tabarome and Krizia Moods, Tabac Vert presents us with a gentlemanly vision of what tobacco can smell like when played with a subtle hand.
The tobacco leaf in Tabac Vert is green and unsmoked – not yet 100% dry – and therefore has none of that ambery, dried fruit sweetness we are used to in modern tobacco scents. The main supporting character here is a dusty, spicy carnation that adds a slightly vintage feel. However, remarkably, nothing about this scent reads as dated. A peppery sandalwood and a fine dusting of subtle florals ? rose and jasmine ? give the tobacco-carnation heart a soft roundness that’s comforting without being particularly sweet. Although the references here are all to great tobacco masculines of the past, we can’t help but feel that a woman could totally rock this too.

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