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Smoke for the Soul Eau de Parfum

Smoke for the Soul Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by By Kilian. The notes of this fragrance are Eucalyptus, grapefruit, cardamom, mate tea, tagete, thyme, tobacco, birch


The bitter breath of psychotropic tobacco; a flirtation with the forbidden, an escape into the soothing stupefaction of the sweet-sharp plant.
A burst of blue eucalyptus and rosy grapefruit which takes you by the hand and leads you through dizzy fumes of cardamom, thyme and fir balsam into an inhalation of mind-turning accords of tobacco, birch and cashmere woods. The bite of mate tea and tagete – the Aztec marigold – hint at the New World obsession with La Cucaracha.
SMOKE FOR THE SOUL is unique: a witty subversive fragrance, full of humour and defiance but supremely laid-back, relaxed and highly addictive. A jeu d’esprit superbly realized by Kilian Hennessy and Fabrice Pellegrin to beguile you into the golden shadowland of dreams.

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