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Ryder Eau de Parfum

Ryder Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Ex Idolo. The notes of this fragrance are Sweet pipe tobacco, boozy notes, jasmine, amber, resins, dark woods, frankincense, vanilla


Ryder Street in St. James is the home of some of London’s most exclusive, timeless members clubs- enclaves of prestige and legacy where modernity gives way to perpetual elegance and dignity and taste reign supreme. As the second fragrance from Ex Idolo, Ryder captures this rarefied aesthetic perfectly, presenting a boozy, sweet tobacco/amber scent that exudes luxury, while adding an indolic twist of jasmine that modernizes the experience for today’s unisex audience. With the additional incorporation of precious and rare Hojari frankincense from the desert of Oman, Ryder maintains its exceptional feeling of opulence from the beginning of its lifespan to the very end. Sweet and spicy, rich and luxurious, Ryder is the kind of extraordinarily complex tobacco scent that doesn’t just come along every day, or for that matter, every year. We’re thrilled to be able to share it with our most discerning fellow connoisseurs.

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