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Rausch Eau de Parfum

Rausch Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by J.F. Schwarzlose. The notes of this fragrance are Red pepper, sandalwood, cypriol, patchouli, vanilla bean, amber, oud


Rausch means rush in German, and boy, they weren’t kidding – this is one powerful rush to the head that you won’t forget in a hurry. One spritz of this stunning fragrance and you are ready for a night of Berlin-style debauchery that even Baudelaire would be proud of.
Rausch starts us off in a haze of dry smoke from the club, dark and thrillingly bitter on the tongue, woody and strange. Then a roar of golden oud and amber suddenly swells up from beneath, engulfing your senses in a tidal wave of aged whiskey, red pepper, and rich, resiny balsam. There is plenty of earthy patchouli, a musky, dirty vanilla too, which in combination with the leathery oud gives the fragrance the feel of something depraved and illicit, something dug up from undisturbed soil. Deeply sexy in an almost bewildering way, the raunchy Rausch is a fragrance that broadcasts at ten paces and is therefore perfect for the clubs: wear this and find men, women, and children drawn to you as if you’ve rolled around in catnip.

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