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Pure eVe Eau de Parfum

Pure eVe Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by The Different Company. The notes of this fragrance are Evanescent musk, light wind, linen flower, white rose, cedar, calisson


Very simple and utterly beautiful. The inspiration for Pure Virgin was to create something as luxurious, comfortable and effortless as a soft cotton white shirt. It’s a given that the simpler the design, the more the quality of the materials matters, and it is the outstanding quality of the ingredients that The Different Company uses that makes this simple concept soar. An exquisite gentle musk is blended with a subtle hint of white flowers and crisp cedarwood, then dusted with a nostalgic sweetness of calisson — a traditional French candy from Provence featuring a smooth paste of candied melon and ground almonds, topped with white royal icing. For those of us who have never encountered these enchanting confections, the sweet almond is reminiscent of marzipan, but with the added attraction of a luscious fruitiness which blends melon and citrus. Pure Virgin reminds us of some the beloved sweet musk fragrances of our youth ? but improved and refined to suit our more grown-up selves. Airy, with the sun-warmed freshness of cotton shirts drying on the line and an understated sweetness that melts into the skin ? this is the soft and sexy sweet skin scent we always dreamed of ? and it’s even better than we imagined.

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