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Paris Première Rose 2016 Yves Saint Laurent

Paris Première Rose 2016 Yves Saint Laurent is a 2016 Floral Powdery by Yves Saint Laurent for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Dominique ropion Laurent Bruyere Sophia grosjman . Top notes are Bergamot. Middle notes are Lily of the valley, Pink. Base notes are White musks, Violet.


Yves Saint-Laurent’s new bottle

As such, he decided to pay homage to this city considered to be the capital of love. To do this, in 1983 he developed a perfume soberly named Paris. Having become an iconic juice, it has been used since 2010 to be revisited each spring. So here is the 2016 version …

Yves Saint-Laurent’s new bottle

If the Paris Première Rose perfumes from the Yves Saint-Laurent house are particularly eagerly awaited, it is first and foremost for their bottles. Indeed, these change every year and make the happiness of collectors or fans of the sign. This time, it is about an intense black lacquering. Of course, the Paris Première Rose bottle is reminiscent of the original Paris fragrance from 1983. It is a glass globe with multiple facets. Formerly transparent, today it is completely opaque. Originally, its cap was embellished with rose and gold. Now, the pink is more flashy. For the record, know that this case is inspired more particularly by the Love Cards that Yves Saint-Laurent sent to his loved ones each year. Because, his favorite motifs were the heart and the star. However, it is precisely the latter that we find on the new design of Paris Première Rose. This one shows a bit of vintage while maintaining its modernity of today. Likewise, he has a little girly side that fits him like a glove!

The very feminine scent of Paris Première Rose

As its name suggests, the Paris Première Rose perfume is sewn from Pink damascus. This juice was developed, like the first Paris, by perfumer Sofia Grojsman. However, for the occasion, she surrounded herself with Dominique Ropion. They then created together a sort of enormous floral bouquet tinged with light. It all begins with a combination of violet leaves and neroli. Thus, it gives off a powdery and sunny smell. Likewise, the whole thing is completed with a rosehip accord. Then, it is in her heart that the rose literally lets all her femininity explode. The latter draws its lightness in parallel through lily of the valley and is also enriched with peony. Finally, the whole thing leaves behind a sensation of cleanliness emanating from the white musk. Sandalwood, on the other hand,

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