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Oud Sublime Elixir de Parfum

Oud Sublime Elixir de Parfum is a fragrance by PARFUMS DE NICOLAI. The notes of this fragrance are Davana, ambrette, artemisia, oud, cedar, patchouli, rose, coriander, cumin, castoreum, amber, musk, incense, styrax, birch


Any release from Parfums de Nicolai is a genuine treat, a connection drawn directly from French perfumery’s exquisite past to its dynamic niche present and future. But Oud Sublime, the newest and most luxurious release from Patricia de Nicolai yet, is truly something extraordinary. Imbued with an impressive quantity of genuine Cambodian oud, Oud Sublime is supplemented with a variety of other rare natural raw materials, Oud Sublime is not only the most precious fragrance ever released from the house of Nicolai, but a true testament to an era when quality reigned above all else.
Oud Sublime opens with alluringly herbaceous top notes of davana and artemisia, softened with a beautiful, musky ambrette. As the exquisite Cambodian oud flexes its smoky, rich, balsamic character, stout Atlas cedar wood and earthy patchouli flesh out the composition’s enveloping smoothness, while a blend of rose and spices lend floral depth. As it dries, the exotic sensuality is only deepened with a base led by castoreum, musk, and styrax. The results are captivating, unparalleled in intensity but also in sophistication. With oud notes incorporated into every fragrance under the sun these days, it’s easy to think of it as just another trendy ingredient. With Oud Sublime, Nicolai reminds us of just how exceptional it truly is.

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