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Oud Dhul Kifl Organic Oud Pure Oud

Oud Dhul Kifl Organic Oud Pure Oud is a fragrance by Ensar Oud. The notes of this fragrance are Honey, Tobacco, Fruity, Resin, Incense, Molasses, Cambodian oud zest


Thick like honey and just as delicious, you’ll be stuck smelling the drop at the tip of the dipstick in amazement. Then, when the velvety feel meets your skin, it’s all charisma. Deep. Mellow. An oud with a story to tell.
A powdery pipe tobacco aura with an ultra laid-back mood at its heart. Herbaceous and fruity with a thick woody cherry jam that runs head-first into a subtle sweetshrub-laced spiciness that makes your mouth water and your nose scream for more. Layers of lush tobacco drenched in agar syrup with a bombastic burst of resin, incense, molasses, and that signature Cambodian oud zest from yesteryear. Incredibly harmonious to the very end.

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