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Moon Fever

Moon Fever is a fragrance by MEMO. The notes of this fragrance are Bitter orange, grapefruit, primofiore lemon, neroli blossom absolute, clary sage, verbena, vetiver, leather, tonka bean absolute.


Is Moon Fever the fragrance of an imaginary safari on the mysterious dark side of the moon, as MEMO’s promotional concept suggests? Or does it perhaps simply represent the multitude of stars visible in the perpetual dusk of the Serengeti night, where the planet’s most majestic wildlife stares up at the same brilliant tapestry that you do? Either way, there’s only one word appropriate to describe the crisp depths of Moon Fever: luminous.
Moon Fever draws you in with a crisp, full citrus opening, blending fresh juicy mandarin with tart grapefruit, bright lemon and a lovely bitter orange for a citrus blend that’s unexpectedly cool and full-bodied. The lightly earthy heart of verbena, primrose, vetiver and sage gives an almost tea-like smoothness, keeping the enchanting contrast between the black night sky and the sparkling stars as an enrapturing tonka bean drydown connects earth to heaven. Once again, MEMO has given us a scent with the power not only to transport, but to inspire.

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