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Los Angeles Eau de Parfum

Los Angeles Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Gallivant. The notes of this fragrance are Eucalyptus, clary sage, mandarin, pineapple, tuberose, narcissus, cade, gaiac, nagarmotha, musk, heliotrope


A perfect day in Los Angeles might start early, as a sparkling ray of morning sunlight illuminates an abundance of flowering native florae. That same day might end late, but not too late, as the last notes of your favorite band echo off the starlit hills surrounding the Hollywood Bowl. Sure, L.A. may not have much of a claim to being The City That Never Sleeps, but with beginnings and endings as beautiful as ours, who says that’s a bad thing?
That perfect morning spent in your blooming garden? That’s the airy, aromatic opening of Los Angeles, as vivid notes of eucalyptus and clary sage, along with a spritz of oceanside saltiness, stimulate a sense of calm, relaxed, natural energy- the very spirit of L.A. itself. A rich and spicy floral heart- tuberose and narcissus- celebrates the vibrant and romantic Mexican culture diffused through the heart of the city. And finally, a smoky, woodsy, shimmering base of cade and gaiac represents the boundless and far-flung nightlife, which often combines L.A.’s reputation for creativity and artistic innovation with the bounty of natural beauty and outdoor space at our fingertips. Sure, we might head home before the sun comes up- but as Gallivant’s perfect tribute to our hometown proves, it’s because tomorrow promises to be just as full of adventure as today.

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