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Kiss My Name Eau de Parfum

Kiss My Name Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Ramon Monegal. The notes of this fragrance are Indian tuberose absolute, iris cedre, Egyptian jasmine absolute, Tunisian neroli, Tolu balsam


Kiss My Name unabashedly debuts itself with a heady and bewitching crack of tuberose – one that blurs reason, perhaps judgement, and maybe even vision. The extravagance of the mythical tuberose flower is exquisite and all you’ve ever wanted from a tuberose fragrance – no hint of medicinal menthol or overpowering spice – just rich, warm, and lovely. But just when you think it may all be too much for you, intuitive tuberose proves that she’s a step ahead, softening to a sustained cloud of lovely, and trailing behind a soothing veil of jasmine, orange blossom and neroli. These additional notes make Kiss My Name even more alluring and complex, and its sweet and glorious nectar leaves no one unmoved to kiss.

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