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Kemi Eau de Parfum

Kemi Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Kemi. The notes of this fragrance are Cedar, oud, gurjan balsam, caramel, civet, castoreum, sandalwood, vanilla


Kême, the ancient Egyptian word for Egypt itself, is a name shrouded in mystery and power. So knowledgable and renowned was their mastery of art, science and sorcery that Al Kemi (or the later simplified version, alchemy) literally means “Egyptian arts, ” in tribute to their mystical powers. Kemi the fragrance is, too, a tribute to that ancient wonder, a wondrous blend of smoky, animalic and gourmand notes that weave a primal and magical tapestry.
Kemi opens with a robust, dark, and woodsy combination of real oud and rich cedarwood, leading into a heart of gurjan balsam delicately sweetened with caramel and given sensual depth with animalic castoreum and civet. The robust, lightly creamy base of vanilla and sandalwood multiplies the swirling depth, while accentuating the diversity of the composition. Mysterious yet dignified, attention-getting and subtly wondrous all at once, Kemi is a miraculous fragrance of ancient pedigree.

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