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Jaïpur Homme Boucheron Eau de Parfum

Jaïpur Homme Boucheron Eau de Parfum is a 1997 Oriental Spicy Floral Perfume by Boucheron for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Annick Menardo . Top notes are Bergamot, Lemon, Geranium. Middle notes are Cinnamon, Cardamom, Cloves. Base notes are Iso E Super, Vanilla.


A tribute to the history of the Boucheron house

Moreover, a first perfume named Jaïpur and signed by Boucheron had already appeared in 1994. It was then intended for the fairer sex. It was therefore not until 1997 to see his male counterpart appear.

A tribute to the history of the Boucheron house

Jaïpur Homme is a fragrance that first of all evokes a journey to the heart of India. In addition, this country has always fascinated the Boucheron family. Louis Boucheron fell in love with it in 1909 when he made his very first trip there. There he met the Maharajahs and drew inspiration from their finest jewels to create real treasures in his Parisian workshops. What is more, it is for one of the notorious personalities of this country that Boucheron developed one of the largest orders in the history of Place Vendôme. In addition, in 1928, the Maharajah of Patiala made him deliver 1,432 emeralds and 7,571 diamonds which were metamorphosed into 149 pieces of jewelry. It is therefore a nod to this anecdote which is contained in the perfume Jaïpur Homme. Furthermore, Louis Boucheron was fascinated by all the treasures contained in the city of Jaipur. He particularly admired the famous astronomical garden imagined by the Maharajah Jai Singh II. It is therefore the sketches of this observatory that inspired the creation of Jaïpur Homme. This fragrance displays unparalleled harmony and a stable and fascinating balance. He is particularly creative and original, thus destining himself to a serene man eager for discovery.

The oriental scents of Jaïpur Homme

Jaïpur Homme is a perfume signed Annick Ménardo. This one is entirely built on the complementarity of two fresh and sensual accords. It opens first with a citrus blend of citrus. Bergamot displays its zesty sweetness while the bite of lemon is underlined by the elegance of heliotrope. Its heart, for its part, is punctuated with multiple spices. Cinnamon, cardamom, pepper and nutmeg give it a sassy temper that is both hot and cold. Then, rose and jasmine come to underline the racy elegance of the Boucheron man. Finally, Jaïpur Homme rests on a rich and woody base. This contains cedar, benzoin, amber, patchouli and tonka bean. Vanilla, on the other hand, makes the whole thing more warm and mellow. Jaïpur Homme is then presented in an arch-shaped bottle. This one displays very harmonious proportions and dares to use steel to enhance its architecture. This very masculine material gives weight to this perfume. The whole is also topped with golden tars and a night blue cabochon emblematic of the Boucheron house.

Launched in 1988 by the Boucheron house, “Jaïpur Homme” is defined as an oriental-spicy composition. “Jaïpur Homme” is an ode to distant Indies. This fragrance is inspired by the marvelous gardens of the Maharajah Jai Singh I. You should know that Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan and symbolizes the love for this country of the Boucheron heirs. In this sense, “Jaïpur Homme” wonderfully evokes Louis Boucheron’s trips to India in the 1920s. Sophisticated, “Jaïpur Homme” is an oriental who nevertheless wants to be modern.

Jaïpur Homme: A woman at the head of a perfume for men

To achieve this wonderful essence, the Boucheron house called on Annick Ménardo . The latter was born in Cannes, not far from Grasse, the olfactory paradise of all perfumers. After studying chemistry, Annick Ménardo joined the prestigious school of perfumery, ISIPCA. She then worked at Créations Aromatique, which became Symrise. She currently works at Firmenich where she can give free rein to her desires. A pioneer and contemporary, Annick Ménardo is passionate about it. For “Jaïpur Homme”, Annick Ménardo takes us to the other side of the world, making us discover new olfactory sensations. She creates a masculine essence that is both sensual and classic, with a timeless side.

Jaïpur Homme, the magic of the Orient

Annick Ménardo has chosen to begin this fragrance with the Invigorating freshness of lemon, associated with that of bergamot and lime which offers an additional wind of freshness. Nevertheless, a spicy touch comes to enhance the top notes, with the presence of cardamom. Lime is the fruit of the lime tree, native to Southeast Asia. Ultra fresh, lime offers both lemony and minty tones in perfumery. The heart evolves towards floral tones such as rose, jasmine and carnation which then gives off a feminine aspect. These tones are then contrasted by cinnamon. An oriental spice par excellence, cinnamon has atypical scents from here and elsewhere that smell of the sun and warm the heart. The base of “Jaïpur Homme” is both powerful and sensual, because it combines tonka bean, cedarwood, patchouli and benzoin. The tonka bean is contained in the fruit of Brazilian teak, a tree that can reach up to 30 meters in height. The tonka bean is also very popular in cooking. In perfumery, the tonka bean offers its scents at the same time vanilla, caramelized, balsamic, smoked or even coumarin.

A little wonder from the Orient,“ Jaïpur Homme ”is an olfactory ecstasy that recalls the trips of Mr. and Mrs. Boucheron to India. The trip is organized by Annick Ménardo, an imaginative and talented perfumer. Oriental notes plunge us into a universe of unknown sensations.

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