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Indian Wood Eau de Parfum

Indian Wood Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Pierre Guillaume Paris, Parfumerie Generale. The notes of this fragrance are Sandalwood, vetiver, moss, spicy mint, nutmeg, cardamom, coconut milk, lemon zest


With the original PG 11, Harmatan Noir, Pierre Guillaume explored the concept of a robust desert wind, carrying a powerful contrast of sweet lemon mint and Jamaican allspice on its warm, dry breezes. With 11.1, Indian Wood, Guillaume returns to the idea of the contrast between aromatics and spices, but this time the mint in question is piquant peppermint set against a rich, quintessentially Indian blend of nutmeg and cardamom, delivering a nose-tingling bouquet of energetic depth. A blend of moss and balsamic woods further adds to the robust character, while the innate dryness of the central accord is offset with a judicious touch of coconut milk. The overall effect seems to stand at the exact nexus of sweet and spicy, of warm and delicate, a balance so perfect that it seems simply effortless until one considers the contrary forces at work. Intoxicating, invigorating and playful, Indian Wood is another testament to the wondrous originality of Pierre Guillaume.

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