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Green Pearl Eau de Parfum

Green Pearl Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Thameen. The notes of this fragrance are Green apple, mandarin, neroli, bergamot, green tea, artemisia, tonka, oakmoss, musk


In China, few objects are more revered, more coveted, more legandary than the Yemengzhu, luminescent minerals known to give unlimited luck and power to those few lucky enough to merely touch them. As lush and radiant as the otherworldly green glow of those treasured objects, Green Pearl is a wondrous addition to the Thameen line. Crisp, bracing notes of green apple and glowing citrus open into a bracingly green heart of artemisia and green tea that soothe even while radiating power. And just as Yemengzhu glow deep underground with no external light source, a base of rich tonka, oakmoss, and amber-tinged musk give off a humming glow that lasts for untold hours. The Yemengzhu are so unique among the many minerals of our planet that geologists still can’t rule out mystical explanations as to their origin; with its undeniable and captivating quiet power, Green Pearl is a perfect representation in the world of fragrance.

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