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Eau Suave Parfum d’Empire perfume

Eau Suave Parfum d’Empire perfume is a 2005 Chyprée Floral Perfume by Empire perfume for unisex. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Marc-antoine Corticchiato . Top notes are Lavender, Rosemary, Bergamot, Coriander. Middle notes are Pink, Peach, Raspberry. Base notes are Vanilla, White musks, Evernyl.


The refined inspiration of Parfum d’Empire

Although, like each of Parfum d’Empire’s juices, this one is unisex, it highlights one of the most famous flowers in perfumery: the rose. Used since the dawn of time in order to establish the elegance of the one who wears it, this queen of flowers is here revealed in its most spicy aspect. She is nonetheless charming, both surprising and playful.

The refined inspiration of Parfum d’Empire

Each of the creations emanating from the Parfum d’Empire brand aims to immerse us in a very particular place. However, it is precisely in the castle of La Malmaison that Marc-Antoine Corticchiato found the inspiration to create his Eau Suave perfume. This now famous place appeared for the first time in the texts in 1244, under the name of “Mala Domus”. Then, this stately home was mentioned for the very first time under the name of La Malmaison in the 14th century. Finally, in 1799, it was sold to Joséphine Bonaparte who became the most famous owner of the estate. Moreover, this small castle was, at the beginning of the XIXth century, the seat of the government of France, place in which the ministers and the consulate met frequently. Today it is about

The floral spirit of the Château de La Malmaison

If this place inspired the designer, it is above all because the Empress Joséphine, passionate about botany, had sumptuous gardens established there. There she developed an extraordinary collection of roses in huge greenhouses. In particular, she grew three varieties created especially in her honor: the Joséphine Rose, the Purple Rose and the Rose of Venus. However, it is precisely this trio of incisive facets that we find in Eau Suave. This fragrance reveals a fruity rose with surprising accents of raspberry, peach and apricot. The result remains absolutely velvety, accentuated by a spicier and more sensual rose. This is particularly revealed by the addition of coriander, saffron and pepper. Finally, tea roses bring more lightness to this composition. The whole is nevertheless supported by a darker and chypre trail. The latter also contains oak moss, patchouli, white musk and Bourbon vanilla. In short, Eau Suave ends with a carnal digest as tender as a caress.

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