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Eau de Parfum Legend Eau de Parfum Montblanc

Eau de Parfum Legend Eau de Parfum Montblanc is a 2020 Floral Leather Perfume by Montblanc for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Olivier Pescheux . Top notes are Bergamot, Violet leaf. Middle notes are Jasmine, Magnolia, Woody Notes. Base notes are Oak moss.


A new “Legend” appears at MontBlanc

In 2011, Montblanc gave birth to the male toilet water Legend . Once again, in 2020, it reinvents itself and becomes Legend Eau de Parfum. Developed by perfumer Olivier Pescheux, this juice is woody, floral and aromatic at the same time. Presented in a totally black bottle, it does not lose any of its old-fashioned refinement but undeniably gains in charisma.

Legend Eau de Parfum, a demanding fragrance for a daring man

Legend Eau de Parfum by Montblanc is designed in the same spirit as all of the brand creations. In other words, it is infinitely demanding and is intended for all the daring and powerful men of our time, for those who do everything they can to create the legends of tomorrow. Much more than a fragrance, it embodies a requirement of life. Thus, Legend Eau de Parfum is a composition ideally worn by a confident and assured man, fully displaying his courage and his convictions in the eyes of all. With him, the determination is noticeable without even having to say a word. His charisma and authenticity are matched only by his strength and charm. Nevertheless, despite its strong temperament, Legend Eau de Parfum knows how to be discreet, which only adds an additional touch of elegance.

Legend Eau de Parfum, a familiar bottle

On the bottle side, Legend Eau de Parfum does not shy away from its belonging to the great Montblanc family. Moreover, its bottle takes exactly the same shape as its predecessor. We find in particular its voluminous curves and its heavy touch. Its softness is reminiscent of the famous Meisterstück pen from Montblanc. Likewise, its famous iconic star is present. Engraved directly on its glass, this time it stands out in a very trendy black shade, both elegant and mysterious. The name of the Montblanc house, meanwhile, is inscribed in golden writing on its cork, with discretion and distinction. Legend Eau de Parfum is available in two formats of 50 or 100 ml.

Legend Eau de Parfum, a woody and aromatic fern

Legend Eau de Parfum owes its existence to perfumer Olivier Pescheux . Here, it is a scent of aromatic and woody fern, which starts with fresh notes. The tangy bergamot blends with the more subdued violet, immediately arousing curiosity. Then, the heart of Legend Eau de Parfum becomes more floral. Its emblematic woody accord is underlined by the presence of geranium, jasmine and magnolia. Little by little, it all ends with a more marked sensuality. Legend Eau de Parfum lets a woody and leathery trail escape behind it.

How are legends made? Probably of inspiration, determination and limitless inventiveness. This is precisely how the Montblanc house was conceived. Initially specializing in writing, she gradually diversified her activity until she became an outstanding perfumer. Thus, in 2011, Montblanc presented its legendary eau de toilette for men. In 2020, this fragrance for men is reinvented and becomes Legend Eau de Parfum. Revealed in a totally black bottle, this juice is more powerful and daring, while incorporating certain key elements of its predecessor. So how about learning more about its makeup? Here are the key raw materials of its recipe.

Fresh and aromatic top notes

The first version of Legend was characterized by a very aromatic lightness which immediately burst into contact with bergamot, lavender and verbena. Today, bergamot is still present. It is this which gives Legend Eau de Parfum its so fresh and citrus scent. As a reminder, bergamot is a fruit resulting from the cross between lemon and sour orange. However, now the lavender has disappeared in favor of a fresher, powdery violet. It is from this flower that comes the Mediterranean and aromatic temperament of this fragrance. This tangy but discreet duo immediately arouses curiosity. It invites you to discover more about the man who wears it, while providing him with a certain energy on a daily basis.

Legend Eau de Parfum, a very woody composition

Then, the The virility and elegance of Legend Eau de Parfum emerge more beautifully in the heart of this perfume. Indeed, it is based on a woody accord. All in delicacy, it is nevertheless counterbalanced by a more floral lightness. Jasmine and geranium are always present. They were already in the first eau de toilette in the collection. They are, however, associated with a more magnetic and captivating magnolia. Here, Montblanc manages to strike the right balance between charisma and refinement. As always, Montblanc deploys a perfect harmony, between power and elegance.

The sensual trail of Legend Eau de Parfum

Finally, behind it, Legend Eau de Parfum leaves an unforgettable scent, both persistent and captivating. Here, it is a question of vibrant wood and more animal leather. The whole is also enriched with an enveloping foam. From then on, Legend Eau de Parfum by Montblanc leaves an indelible imprint in your memory. This version is undoubtedly more concentrated and more assertive than the previous ones. All this intensity is the work of perfumer Olivier Pescheux, who has been working for several years in collaboration with Montblanc to constantly enrich this olfactory collection. Renowned around the world for its recognized know-how, it multiplies the successes of modern perfumery. Legend Eau de Parfum is therefore just another demonstration of its infinite talent.

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