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Eau de Chloé Chloé Eau de Toilette

Eau de Chloé Chloé Eau de Toilette is a 2012 Floral Chypre Green Cologne by Chloe for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Michel Almairac . Top notes are Aldehydes, Bergamot, Lemon. Middle notes are Pink, Jasmine, Green note, Magnolia, Lily of the valley, Peony, Freesia. Base notes are Oak moss, Patchouli, White musks, Labdanum.


Chloe’s water, to be even more free

Chloé likes to design clothes combining quality of fabrics and intelligence of cuts, far from the a little more strict fashion of the 50s. Bold and avant-garde, some see in Gaby Aghion a resemblance with a certain Gabrielle Chanel… Today, her collections are defined as luxury ready-to-wear. In 1975, the brand created its first perfume , soberly naming it “Chloé”. In 2012, the Chloé fashion house presented “L’Eau de Chloé”, a chypre-floral fragrance.

The Chloé rose garden

All the perfumes in the “Chloé” collection are composed around the rose. In each of its perfumes, the house of Chloé honors the most feminine of flowers, the rose. Whether white, pink, red, whether it is a particular variety, Chloé likes to sublimate this so feminine flower that looks so much like her collections. In Chloé’s personal rose garden, “L’Eau de Chloé” declines its signature in a way of freedom. Indeed, the fragrance contains an exceptional concentration of distilled rose water vapor. This gives it a freshness of great rarity as well as a surprising modernity. As racy as it is elegant, the rose of “L’Eau de Chloé” is a rose worked by the brand of Chloé, leaves an airy and vaporous note on the skin. “L’Eau de Chloé” is an ode to nature and authenticity.

L’Eau de Chloé, a perfect harmony

“L’Eau de Chloé” is a delicate blend of rose, citrus notes and patchouli, a simply perfect harmony. “L’Eau de Chloé” begins with citrus notes associated with others, slightly green, reminiscent of frozen summer lemonades. The heart is extremely floral with the presence of the star of the composition, the rose. As for the base, it delivers a chypre trail thanks to patchouli and chypre notes. The bottle is shaped like a cube and uses the iconic fluted lines of the Chloé brand. It lets its light green juice show through. Its silver stopper is delicately surrounded by a green ribbon in the same color as the composition… A declaration of freedom.

In the perfume rose garden, Chloé unveils “L’Eau de Chloé”, which contains a particularly high concentration of distilled rose. This delicate blend of rose, citrus notes and chypre notes offers a unique light and ultra fresh composition. “L’Eau de Chloé” is aimed at beautiful, spontaneous and modern women. “L’Eau de Chloé” is a real invitation to freedom, follow it …

The meeting between the Chloé perfume house and the perfumer Michel Almairac gave birth to a great scent love story. After Chloé Signature and its three variations, it was the beautiful Eau de Chloé which embodied the famous damascene rose so much loved by the one now called “Monsieur Rose” . This time, the beautiful lady of the gardens is much more crunchy and slightly retro-chypre like a summer lemonade that we would have to stop drinking with our nose. ..

Fragrance L’Eau de Chloé or “the declaration of freedom” of the rose by Michel Almairac

While during the 2000s the pretty rose had lost its aura due to having been used too much for purposes not always very elegant, Michel Almairac was one of the few to have given it back its prestige of yesteryear by offering it a beautiful case named Chloe Signature. The rose was blooming again and the perfumer, who fell madly in love with the beautiful thorny plant, transported us to his world filled with contrasting facets by offering us Chloé perfumes, each more wonderful than the next.

With Eau de Chloé we will still discover, four years after the very first perfume, a new facet of the flower so loved by Michel Almairac. The rose is vegetal, crunchy but also very natural, as if the perfumer had managed to take us directly to his imaginary garden… Which is, basically, almost the case thanks to the manufacturing process of Eau de Chloe.

Indeed, Michel Almairac did not use the usual rose essence process for Eau de Chloé. He replaced the absolute with rose water from distillation so that it directly integrates the base of the perfume. Thus the water naturally contained in Eau de Chloe is replaced by rose water, which gives it a much more natural content than usual. A feat in modern perfumery which is nevertheless reminiscent of the manufacture of perfumes of yesteryear.

A modern and stylized chypre fragrance for an Eau de Chloé with vegetal freshness

If Eau de Chloé is a real and pure pleasure of rose, it is nonetheless a scent that has character, make no mistake about it!

Bergamots and lemons, punctuated with powerful aldehydes, show us as soon as we enter this pretty Eau de Chloé that the sweet rose designed by Michel Almairac has character and an obvious dynamism! Like a dip in a summer lemonade, the top notes fly away to give way to an absolutely delicious flowery heart of roses of course, but also jasmines, peonies, magnolias, freesias and lily of the valley. All of these lovely graceful flowers will be framed by a green note. Then the modernized patchouli will bind to this pink dynamic to form chypre accords around oakmoss, labdanum and white musks.

This Eau de Chloé delivers us between classic or even retro chords of roses of powerful chypre modernity, which could make us think that “the declaration of freedom” of the beautiful lady of the rose garden Chloé could have been played on a music much more punk than ‘it seems!

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