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Creme de Cuir Eau de Parfum

Creme de Cuir Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by BDK Parfums. The notes of this fragrance are Mandarin, Bergamot, Pineapple, Pink berries, White suede, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Birch oil, White musk, Grey musk


An intoxicating elixir that is a pure representation of contemporary sensuality. This perfume captures the Indian summer, when the hot days are over and the sweet freshness of the evening begins to fall. The perfume transforms like the gauzy forms of a Rothko painting, shapes suspended in space and vibrating with soothing energy. The leather is stripped down made soft and creamy. The green notes passionately embraces the musk, while the bergamot push to the skies of Italy.

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