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Atropa Belladonna Eau de Parfum

Atropa Belladonna Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Shay & Blue. The notes of this fragrance are Blackcurrant, narcissus, jasmine, patchouli, bourbon vanilla


Atropa Belladonna, also known as Deadly Nightshade, does not come about its name lightly: both seductively beautiful and highly poisonous, it has been both revered and feared since ancient times. Shay & Blue Atropa Belladonna, with its rich, decadent blend of juicy cassis and heady white florals, is a mesmerizing ode to this exquisitely dangerous beauty, a fragrance as narcotic as it is gorgeous.
Atropa Belladonna opens with rich blackcurrant, meant to evoke the sweetly delicious but almost instantly fatal juice of Nightshade berries. As if we’ve already been poisoned and are being lulled to sleep, the heady heart of narcissus and jasmine soothe with ruthless sensuality. A base of rich bourbon vanilla only increases strength in the drydown. Let Atropa Belladonna’s luscious danger seduce you. You won’t ever be the same.

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