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Amber Sky Eau de Parfum

Amber Sky Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Ex Nihilo. The notes of this fragrance are Bergamot, coriander, nutmeg, geranium, amber, cedar, sandalwood, vanilla, tonka


Caught between east and west, between light and dark, between sensuous oriental and luxurious gourmand, Amber Sky is a gorgeously refined fragrance of two worlds. As the first fragrance from Babylone, Ex Nihilo’s new oriental collection, it’s a wondrous first glimpse of a unique brand of edgy but deliciously decadent luxury as only this inspired Parisian house could create.
Amber Sky opens with an alluring blend of exotic spices, leading into a warm, unisex geranium. The amber is rich and compelling- warm and creamy, but with a bit more danger and intrigue than your typical dessert amber- woodsy, spicy and textured, glowing around the edges like a solar eclipse, the coriander and nutmeg of the opening still sparkling with distinction. Thus far, the secret genius of Ex Nihilo has been their ability to take conventional fragrance styles and imbue new, vivid life into them. In this re-invigoration of the amber style, Amber Sky proves yet another triumph.

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