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Accord Oud

Accord Oud is a fragrance by BYREDO. The notes of this fragrance are Blackberry, Saffron, Rum, Leather Accord, Clary Sage, Patchouli, Powdery Musks


Byredo’s Accord Oud presents a striking set of olfactory opposites. The warm sweetness of blackberry and boozy rum pair with a camphorous glow from patchouli. And saffron’s rounded softness is set against the sharp and smoky birch of a leather accord. Powdery musks resolve and fill in some of these opposites, and notes like clary sage complement the birch and patchouli.
A resinous, aromatic, fruity leather, Byredo’s Accord Oud suggests that oud is as much a mysterious set of olfactory characteristics ?? sweet, medicinal, soft, and dark ?? as it is an actual perfume note.

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