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Emblem, the fragrance as solid as a rock

Emblem, the fragrance as solid as a rock
Emblem, the fragrance as solid as a rock
Emblem, the fragrance as solid as a rock

Emblem is the latest male olfactory creation from Montblanc. In creating it, Montblanc wanted a fragrance in tribute to the heritage of the house. Also, Emblem is aimed at men whose “tenacity, confidence and poise push them to reach the top.” Its fern accord is embellished with aromatic, woody and spicy tones. Emblem is all in contrast and perfectly combines freshness and warmth. Its bottle, meanwhile, is impressive. It seems as solid as a rock and immediately announces a fragrance that does not lack aplomb.

Monblanc and his desire to reach heights

The Emblem bottle adopts a star shape and is also adorned with a white six-pointed star at the top. Also, this shape was far from trivial since it symbolizes the six glacial valleys bordering the highest peak in Europe, Mont-Blanc. This object is intriguing to say the least. It is very black and would almost become mineral. It is particularly massive. However, these edges are rounded, as if polished by time. All in force, this case seems solid as a rock. It then becomes a landmark and a symbol of stability. In this image, the perfume of Emblem is sober and elegant. Its design was carried out with absolute rigor worthy of all the know-how of the Montblanc house.. Its wake reflects all the power of human seduction, borrowing from an almost innate class. This man has confidence and aplomb, qualities which allow him to reach the highest peak of his personal and professional life. Although his taste for luxury is irrefutable, he is both chic and relaxed. Emblem is a timeless fragrance that fascinates with its charisma and whose elegance is inscribed on the skin to never let go.

Emblem, symbol of elegance

Emblem is a classic fragrance revisited. The codes of men’s perfumery are clearly present but have been reinterpreted. His departure is striking and lively. We find grapefruit there. This one is ripe, juicy and soaked in sunshine while remaining bitter. He then plays on a real contrast between hot and cold. Likewise, iced cardamom opposes the spices of pink berries and black pepper. Then, the violet leaf meets that of the cinnamon tree. Finally, Emblem’s signature is found in patchouli. This gives it sensuality and a somewhat earthy side. However, wood and ambroxan soften the whole and end up intensifying its power of seduction.

Soon an intense version of this perfume.

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