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Coco Noir, the oriental and modern aspect of Chanel

Coco Noir, the oriental and modern aspect of Chanel

Coco Noir, the oriental and modern aspect of Chanel
Coco Noir, the oriental and modern aspect of Chanel

Coco Noir is a confusing scent. On the one hand, it surprises us with its allure. Indeed, it is entirely lacquered in black and, as Gabrielle Chanel says so well, “Before me, no one would have dared to dress in black. However, this dark side is added to a much more luxurious side. It is indeed coupled with a golden color which enhances its prestige. With this essence, Chanel has decided to speak of the Orient and to associate it with a touch of modernity. Also, in terms of its scents, it is halfway between the famous Coco Mademoiselle and the Coco of 1984.

Coco Noir, a trip to Venice

Coco Noir is a perfume with oriental scents. Also, it is inspired by the city of love par excellence: Venice. Indeed, it is on in city built with the same water of Gabrielle Chanel had come to mourn the loss of the love of her life, Boy Capel. However, in creating this perfume, it is as if she had reclaimed a painful memory and transformed it into a promise of better days. With this essence, she confronts her taste for soberness with the crash of color and gold. His very refined style is associated with the more baroque origins of this city dear to his heart. Coco Noir lets glimpse the seductive aspect of Venetian nights, those of a city halfway between international influence and the mystery it inspires. This dazzling black bottle seems to contain all the refinement of Byzantine art. It goes against the dictates of fashion and society, often too bland. Coco Noir asserts itself and chooses above all the intensity and authenticity of the emotions. He opts for a straightforward sensuality, far from vulgarity but very close to lust.

The third part of Coco, Chanel’s emblematic perfume

Coco Noir is the third part of an olfactory saga started by Coco in 1984 and followed in 2001 by Coco Mademoiselle. As for it, it was born in 2012. Also, it is an essence paying homage to its two elders. It borrows the spices from the first and jasmine from the second. In addition, it brings its personal touch via a more musky wood background. Coco Noir is a paradoxical fragrance that manages to create an unparalleled radiance through dark notes. Its character is well marked and is notably found in the presence of sandalwood from New Caledonia, patchouli from Indonesia, vetiver, incense and cedarwood. The tonka bean from South America gives it more depth while the vanilla and white musks finish establishing its femininity. Its wake is dark while remaining lively. It mixes grapefruit with Calabrian bergamot and spices it up with pink berries. Finally, Coco Noir draws its elegance from jasmine, the rose and the narcissus. Finally, it all ends with a very special sensation of seduction brought by the pink geranium, cultivated in Grasse and enhanced with a minty touch.

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