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Chanel’s New Ombre and Contour Pen

Chanel's New Ombre and Contour Pen
Chanel's New Ombre and Contour Pen

Chanel Ombre and Contour Pen, three ways to wear makeup!

Make-up has evolved a lot over the past few decades. Thus, the products have multiplied and there are now a multitude of different items to sublimate your look. Liner, kohl, pencil… It’s not always easy to make a choice as the solutions offered are so many! If you are indecisive and like to vary your makeup from day to day, we have the solution! Chanel has just made the Stylo Ombre et Contour . A real revolution, it brings together three types of makeup in a single applicator. It is the ideal solution to save space and time without ever hampering your creativity.

Khôl, pencil, liner… What are the differences?

Let’s start by seeing more clearly by making a quick overview of the different tools available to make up your eyes. Kohl comes to us from the Middle East and has a very pigmented color. It is a pencil often black in color that can be applied inside the eye, directly on the mucous membranes. The kohl has no equal to intensify the look! The pencil, on the other hand, offers more possibilities. It comes in a multitude of different formulas and colors. It can be oily or dry, waterproof, long-lasting,… It can be placed flush with the upper and lower lashes, pencil the eyelid or be used inside the eyes. The liner is the dry variation of the classic eyeliner. It offers a less intense color than the latter but is much easier to apply. It allows you to draw a fine line and considerably enlarges the gaze. Finally, eye shadow is used to add color to the top of your eye.

Les trois facettes du Stylo Ombre et Contour de Chanel

If the Chanel Ombre et Contour Pen appears to be a revolutionary product, it is quite simply because it brings together three products and three ways of applying makeup in a single tool. It can be used both as a kohl but also as a liner and eye shadow. In a single gesture, it dresses your entire look. With it, there is no need to multiply makeup products. The Chanel Ombre et Contour Pen alone meets all your needs! With a creamy texture, it glides very easily on the skin and does not irritate your eyelid. The Chanel Ombre et Contour Pen comes in six different colors. The latter display an irreproachable hold throughout the day and are intensely loaded with colored pigments. To use the Shadow and Contour Pen as a liner or kohl,your makeup with the tip of the pencil. On the other hand, for an eye shadow effect, we recommend that you color the top of your eye with the flat side of this pen.

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