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Boucheron’s new Quatre en Rose fragrance

Boucheron's new Quatre en Rose fragrance
Boucheron's new Quatre en Rose fragrance
Boucheron’s new Quatre en Rose fragrance

Quatre en Rose by Boucheron, a fragrance synonymous with voluptuousness and lightness

French creative history is particularly rich. Indeed, France can boast of having shaped the biggest global trends. Among one of the most famous arts of our country, jewelry is a favorite. As such, Boucheron is one of the most famous brands on the famous Place Vendôme. We owe him a number of wildly luxurious creations. Today, Boucheron has nevertheless chosen to shine in a completely different field: perfumery. Inspired by the Quatre ring, Boucheron created a floral and fruity fragrance in 2015 . From now on, this first essence becomes Quatre en Rose and is more voluptuous and daring than ever.

The return of Boucheron’s precious bottle

First of all, let’s start by underlining the elegance of the bottle of the Quatre en Rose perfume by Boucheron. This bottle takes the shape of its predecessor and is strongly inspired by the brand’s iconic Quatre ring. Indeed, its stopper brings together four precious rings, each of which symbolizes an emblematic technique and know-how of Boucheron. The first of these was invented in 1889 and is called the Double Godrons. He assembles two gold rings to each other to symbolize the union between two beings who love each other.

The second is Les Clous de Paris and is inspired by the cobblestones of Parisian streets. The diamonds in their paved version form the third ring and trap the light on their polished gold base using the “mirror-setting” technique, a know-how unique to Maison Boucheron. Finally, the Gros Grain motif, a miracle of goldsmithing, crowns the whole. The bottle of Quatre en Rose by Boucheron is sculpted in a heavy and solid glass. It uses the pink gold and white enamel of a good number of Boucheron jewels. Its glass surface is now frosted and the whole immediately gives off a feeling of exceptional refinement that only belongs to precious objects.

The floral lightness of the fragrance Quatre en Rose by Boucheron

From then on, we are already looking forward to discovering the scent contained in this sumptuous bottle… The Quatre en Rose perfumeis a floral and fruity digest that focuses above all on lightness. Of course, as its name suggests, it places the rose at the center of all things. He draws an oriental and sensual essence around this flower. It all starts with a dazzling and invigorating combination of mandarin orange and blackcurrant. Added to this is the fruity and aromatic delicacy of davana. Quatre en Rose then appears to be a mysterious perfume. The crystalline rose gains in femininity on contact with jasmine. Quatre en Rose from Boucheron ends with a woody breath of patchouli and vetiver mixed with an anthology of musks. Everything is signed by the talented Quentin Bisch. Quatre en Rose by Boucheron is a solar fragrance that vibrates on the skin for a long time. He possesses in him a certain pleasure that is both light and daring.

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