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Annayake Extreme Eye Contour Care

Annayake Extreme Eye Contour Care
Annayake Extreme Eye Contour Care
Annayake Extreme Eye Contour Care

Annayake Extreme Eye Contour Care, lasting protection for your eyes

For almost a century now, the Annayake brand has taken care of your beauty. Originally, it was a very confidential sign. However, the exceptional quality of its products got the better of its notoriety. Today, Annayake is present in the four corners of the planet and sublimates the splendor of women in a lasting way. The formulas of its products are always very natural and refined. They are inspired by the origins of Annayake and very often contain ingredients from Asia. The Annayake Extreme Eye Contour Care is a perfect example of this Western and Eastern blend. Its only ambition is to awaken your gaze and make it more radiant every day.

The gaze, an extremely fragile area

The face is a part of our body constantly exposed to external aggressions. However, the skin is thin and fragile. It therefore requires great attention and extreme vigilance to preserve its natural beauty as long as possible. What’s more, some areas of our face are even more vulnerable than others. This is the case with the outline of our gaze. Indeed, the skin is even more tender than elsewhere. It is not only thinner but also devoid of sebaceous glands. In other words, it does not have a hydrolipidic film to protect it. Yet it is also subject to continuous stresses. Between your eyelids which perform continuous movements and your different expressions, the contour of your eyes is not spared! It is therefore quite natural that he is the first to let the visible signs of time show through. The eye area is often marked by small wrinkles and it is precisely with the aim of sparing it as much as possible that the Annayake Extreme Eye Contour Care has been developed.

Annayake Extreme Eye Contour Care, a concentrate of firmness

The Extreme Eye Contour Care Annayakehas been specifically designed for the fragile skin around your eyes. This unique treatment takes the form of a smooth cream that instantly penetrates into the heart of your skin cells. Thus, it is applied with extreme softness and adapts perfectly to your thin and fragile skin. Annayake Extreme Eye Contour Care effectively fights against the loss of firmness and hunts small wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness. Thus, as soon as it is applied, your face appears more awake and your eyes appear more lively. This smoothing effect is accentuated over the course of the applications. Thanks to the Extreme Eye Contour Care, your skin is firmer and less dull. It is then felt all over your face and your skin looks visibly younger. Annayake Extreme Eye Contour Care is unscented and has been specifically designed for the most sensitive skin. It avoids any allergy and acts ideally to sublimate the skins marked by the effect of time.

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