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Allure Homme The masculine aura according to Chanel

Allure Homme The masculine aura according to Chanel
Allure Homme The masculine aura according to Chanel
Allure Homme The masculine aura according to Chanel

After offering a woman with a thousand faces with Allure in 1996, Chanel offered these gentlemen in 1999 a protean man in the perfumed features of Allure Homme. An ode to blossoming and multiple masculinity, Allure Homme exudes as much force as it does emotions under its woody, fresh and spicy scents. Allure Homme does not have a single face but a multiplicity, because the allure is not defined, it is lived.

The distinguished beauty of the men of Allure Homme de Chanel

With Pour Monsieur, the very first men’s fragrance launched by the house, in 1955 Chanel drew the olfactory portrait of a man who was both fresh and distinguished, soft and sensual. A contrasting image rather revolutionary for the time which offered them only aromatic or fern scents.

Times have changed, but men’s fragrances remain rather classic while men have evolved. There is no one manly, strong and square man, but many different men, all seeking to assert their own personality.

Allure Homme then designed a perfume for them with multiple scented personalities, just as Allure had done for women a few years earlier. Each man is different, each man has his charm, Allure Homme wants to highlight them all in the beauty of their diversity.

“A man of indefinable elegance. Charisma, serenity, inner strength emanate from him naturally. If he does nothing to be noticed, we only notice him and his fragrance signs his presence. » Chanel for Allure Homme .

Quite naturally, Chanel will present Allure Homme as it had previously sold Allure Femme, thanks to anonymous muses with obvious charisma and above all, different. Company manager, writer, student or even water polo player, the men of Allure Homme de Chanel come from many horizons. While sharing a racy and distinguished allure, the men of Allure Homme are highlighted by the black and white universe of the hushed photos. Male charisma does not seek glory …

Allure Homme or the man with four scented facets

Allure Homme, as we have understood, is not a perfume which seeks to impress or glorify itself by superficial attractions. Logically enough, the Allure Homme bottle is sober and square, only the delicately amber juice and the steel cap stand out for their elegance. No need to do more, the men will do the rest …

Allure Homme was composed in four facets by the great perfumer Jacques Polge. It opens first with very fresh notes of lemon, bergamot and tangerine combined with the fruity sweetness of peach. Then an intense spicy wind, carried by the scents of pepper and the beautiful aromatic coriander carry us to the heart of this beautiful masculine. Cedar and vetiver wood add their solid and solid character to these flights. Finally, the warm and sensual depths of labdanum lead us straight towards the sweetness of white musks and the delicacies of tonka bean from Venezuela.
“A fresh-spicy-woody composition, a model of balance and harmony. »Allure Homme by Chanel.

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